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  • The Billion Dollar Solar Funnel: Own the marketing funnel responsible for over One Billion Dollars in solar sales.

  • ​​Live Weekly Sales Clinics: Continuous and hands-on training on what's working in today's market.

  • Access To ​Private Facebook Community: You'll never be short on money, success, or scale, if you're not short on people.

meet the master 

Bill Murphy

I'm a salesman who learned how to create leverage to generate more income with less time sacrificed. To do this I had to figure out how to amplify my God-given talent, sales and communication, to reach thousands of people.

My strategy - to become an expert in the art of Direct Marketing. Different from conventional advertising, Direct Marketing is method of communicating an offer, where organizations communicate directly to a pre-selected customer and supply a method for a direct response.

E.I Opt-in form / calendar etc.

Learning this skill has allowed me to elevate myself from a sales rep to part owner in several companies. The first one, a Gold's gym franchise with 6 locations. The next, a residential solar company back in 2014 that doubled its revenue on the back of my button pushing. Since then, I've amassed over 1,100 private clients who've generated over $2 billion in sales revenue attributed directly to my Direct Marketing Strategy.

With the Sales Cheat Code you can go from Salesman to CEO.

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